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Put Your Ideal Clients Front and Centre Of Your Business Strategy So That You Can Grow and Sustain Your Business.

The biggest asset you have in your business is your clients. Without clients, there is no business. 

Welcome To The Customer Experience Masterclass Series


A one-of-a-kind series of customer experience masterclasses for small service-based business owners, online and in-person coaches and consultants.

Whether you know a little or a lot about customer experience, this program is perfect for you. 

What if you could easily and simply create a

Confident and Consistent Customer Experience Strategy

That results in increased client attraction and retention, more automation to giving you back time to do what you love and grows your sales all at the same time?
No more winging it! Forget the feeling of not knowing where to start. Even as a solopreneur you don't have to go it alone. Give your business the strategy and direction it needs to be wildly successful in 2021 and beyond. 

Are you with me?



If you are feeling...

√ Anxious and excited about helping people and growing a successful business at the same time

Highly motivated about putting your clients at the front and centre of everything you do in your business

√ Hopeful for the future but not sure where to start with branding, marketing, social media, or your customer experience strategy

√ Concerned about appearing professional when you put yourself out there in front of clients or online

 Apprehensive about how and what to do to get results so you can make enough money to remain in your own business 

Nervous about going it alone because you don't have the right support or a how-to guide for your business

Frustrated because you've already been at this a while and your business should have progressed more by now 

Then this Masterclass Series is perfect for you.

Putting your customer front and centre will give your business the unique difference to make you stand out from your competition. Backing yourself and your business by signing up for this program will give you the confidence, clarity, and framework needed to attract and retain more clients. It will also give you the skills you need to save time and effort in the future by having a clear direction and path forward for your business and client experience.


At The End Of The Customer Experience Masterclass Series, You Will Have:

√ Clarity and confidence in who your ideal clients are

√ A clearly defined Customer Experience Strategy bespoke to your business that your clients and your team will love

√ The skills to brand and market yourself and your business as a competitive player in your field

Learned sales techniques to convert more leads to repeat cheerleaders

Honed your leadership skills to positively impact your clients, your bottom line, and your team

√ Confidence in how to handle any complaints or difficult decisions that may arise in your business

Become a member of the CX Creators community where you can get feedback on your ideas, support on your challenges and the confidence to create and deliver exceptional customer experiences consistently


Let Me Share With You How Customer Experience Will Grow Your Business?

9/10 businesses are now competing on customer experience alone. 

Have you ever been looked after by someone in a shop, a restaurant, an institution or somewhere else, where you felt like you were their only customer and nothing was too much effort or trouble? And, because they made it so easy, you bought more, tipped better, or referred others to them? That's exactly what you can do for your clients because that's what you're competing on. Every business can offer this. 

When you're consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences, your clients will repeatedly buy from you. They will be willing to pay higher prices, and they will become your cheerleaders, telling anyone who will listen how amazing you are and why they need to work with you. 

Knowing the fundamentals of Customer Experience will give you this competitive edge.


If You Join This Program, Here’s What You Will Get:

√ 3 x 1-2-1 private calls with Deirdre Martin, founder of CX Creators

√ Step by step training, support and mentorship for 6 months with Deirdre Martin, founder of CX Creators

√ 6 Bonus Customer Experience Workshops to level up your client experience exclusively for members of CX Creators

√ Access to the membership site with all program materials, including videos, templates, checklists, cheat sheets and workbooks

√ Weekly live calls for implementation, accountability, training, teaching, mentoring and support, 3 weeks out of every 4

√ Access to an INCREDIBLY SUPPORTIVE CX Creators community to ask questions, celebrate wins, and get support from Deirdre between calls

√ 12 months access to the learning app, masterclasses and workbooks 

You'll Also Get

Learn on the go!

No time? Don't worry. You can learn on the go. Access all of your course content via a mobile app. Listen while you drive or cook dinner. And you don't have to worry if you miss one of the calls, you can hop on to the next round of calls if there's something you'd like to cover off or need support on. 

Customer Experience Strategy Workbook

Use the workbook that's filled with templates, cheat sheets and checklists along with the online tutorials and coaching to develop a strategy that's bespoke to your business. 

Coaching & Community

Benefit from others' learnings at the weekly group call and reach out to other Customer Experience (CX) Creators just like you. Want to be held to account to make sure you get the work completed? I've got your back. Separate from the weekly group mentoring session, there will be a weekly 'Success in 60'. 60 minutes where you down all other tools, close all other tabs and put aside time to get the work completed.


Sign Up For The Customer Experience Masterclass Series™ Today


 6 months group coaching and mentoring – Value €6,058

 3 one to one mentoring calls for one hour each - Value €999

√ Customer Experience Masterclass Series Workbooks & Classes - Value €995 

√ 6 months access to CX Creators community - Value €150

√ 12 months access to app and learning materials - Value €100

Get This Amazing Limited Time Offer valued at €8,052 for ONLY €2,495



Why People Love The Customer Experience Masterclass Series

Confidence. Clarity. Direction. Community.


Don't take my word for it. Here's what some clients just like you had to say about The Customer Experience Masterclass Series 



I've been in business for nearly three years. Now I feel much more confident in myself because of the framework you've provided. There have been so many takeaways. It's an incredible programme. I'm doing things, not just talking about them. I'm not hiding anymore. I've niched down, and I'm actively creating conversations. I feel really positive for the next 12 months.


Mary Finn




Maura Mackey Design

I'm glad I came on this journey because it made me realise areas of my business from a customer point of view where I was lacking.The bit of accountability is good for me. I no longer stumble if someone asks me for a price reduction. You helped me overcome that challenge. It's made me realise my worth and that my price is there for a reason. I'm now more confident talking about my service, offer and my package. This course has helped me get clear on who I'd like to work with. 


Maura Mackey




Expand From Inside

The session practising the sales pitch was the highlight of the programme for me. I feel so much more confident now. I know exactly what I need to spend my time on. Now that I understand each step of the journey I've created and how my clients and potential clients feel in the process, I don't miss anything that's visible from the outside.  Every single week was amazing. I would recommend it 200%.


Zita Laszloffy



Let Me Put Myself In Your Shoes.

My name is Deirdre Martin, and I'm the founder of CX Creators™ and The Customer Experience Masterclass Series™. I've worked with 100's of businesses who were starting out or who had pivoted during my 20-year banking career and have since started my own business, and here's what I've found.

You might be nervous about taking the first leap, so let me put your mind at ease. Everyone feels this way. In my experience, those businesses that put their customers front and centre of everything they do are the ones that thrive. That's what will help your business grow and scale. Simple as.

Now is not the time to be thinking about actions, now is the time to be taking action. This is your time to work at putting your customer experience strategy together, implementing it and getting results. If you agree, then I really want you on this program. 

Customer Experience is all about making your clients feel like they're your one and only client. It's about making things as simple, easy and enjoyable as possible for your clients. It's about delighting them, surprising them and celebrating with them along their journey.  

Are you ready to take the next step? If you are, let's jump on board and get you rocking and rolling so that you improve your customer attraction and retention, automate some of your processes and grow your business all at the same time. 

With a step by step framework, one to one and group support sessions, you don't have to go solo on your solopreneur journey. You'll get everything you need to build your confidence, gain clarity and direction in our CX Creators community.

Energy, excitement, enthusiasm. That's what you'll find inside the CX Creators community. If you're energised to get going if you're excited to get going, let's bring that enthusiasm that you have for your clients and your business to exponential rates of success.

Deirdre x


If you're motivated by any of the following:

√ You feel ready to take your business and client's experiences to new heights in 2021

√  You are tired of playing the small game when you know you are destined for greatness

√  You know what you offer is impressive. You need help to make others see that

√ You are ready to start attracting cheerleading clients that are in your target market

√  You know you would do so much better if your business had a cohesive & consistent client approach

√  You are worried that people will think you are pushy if you ask for sales, but you're willing to work to cement a non-pushy sales approach if it grows your business

√  You are ready to get your clients doing some of your marketing work for you

Give the Customer Experience Masterclass Series a 14-day risk-free shot.

I want YOU to maximise the power of YOUR Customer Experience Strategy. So, here's the deal. You get to test drive The Customer Experience Masterclass Series for 14 days.

The Customer Experience Masterclass Series is a one-of-a-kind program. You will have 12 months of access to all of the core course content materials. You can work at your own pace. All of the live calls are recorded so you can watch them back when it suits you. If you can't make a live call, you can hop into the CX Creators community at any point and ask questions or get the support you need. So if time is an issue, I've got your back.

I'm so confident in the course and what it can do for your business that I am happy for you the opportunity to complete the first two modules and test them out. You'll have access to me to tease out any obstacles or challenges you might have on the weekly coaching calls. You'll have a chance to set your Customer Experience foundations and strategy.

After two weeks, if you are not chomping at the bit to take your Customer Experience to new heights, and you have attended the weekly coaching calls, the weekly implementation calls and shown me that you have participated in the first two modules and completed the work, I will happily give you a no-questions-asked full refund.

It's time to take your seat at the table and give your clients the love and attention they deserve.


100% Yes! I'm Definitely In! Where Can I Sign Up!

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Sign Up For The Customer Experience Masterclass Series™ Today


 6 months group coaching and mentoring – Value €6,058

 3 one to one mentoring calls for one hour each - Value €999

√ Customer Experience Masterclass Series Workbooks & Classes - Value €995 

√ 6 months access to CX Creators community - Value €150

√ 12 months access to app and learning materials - Value €100

Get This Amazing Limited Time Offer valued at €8,052 for ONLY €2,495



Sign Up For The Customer Experience Masterclass Series™ Today


 6 months group coaching and mentoring – Value €6,058

 3 one to one mentoring calls for one hour each - Value €999

√ Customer Experience Masterclass Series Workbooks & Classes - Value €995 

√ 6 months access to CX Creators community - Value €150

√ 12 months access to app and learning materials - Value €100

Get This Amazing Limited Time Offer valued at €8,052 for ONLY €2,495