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Get and keep your ideal clients with marketing and customer experience coaching 


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  • Constantly scrambling to find your ideal clients is anxiety-inducing.
  • Attracting the wrong clients means those clients will later fall through the cracks. And worse, when you attract the right clients but don't communicate effectively, or manage their experience, growing your business becomes even more challenging.
  • When you struggle to explain who you are and what you offer in clear, simple terms, you risk losing customers before they even become customers. 
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Use your marketing to send up a flare that your ideal clients will see and think, 'Hey, they're talking to me. Yes, I need that, and it sounds like they can help me'.

Your business grows when you have the right messaging and strategies to communicate effectively and retain your ideal clients. Your reputation will precede you. 

Create a customer experience that will captivate your customers and convert them into raving fans of your brand, telling anyone who'll listen how exceptional your services are.


Make your business stand out with clear messaging that's like a beacon to your ideal clients.


Make and save money by implementing a proven marketing and customer experience strategy that will help you get and keep your ideal clients. 



Feel confident because you have clarity and direction in your business, so you can stop worrying about where your next client will come from.



Engage, nurture and convert your existing clients into your business's brand ambassadors. 


Build and grow a successful business and reputation you can be proud of.



Do more of what you love! By implementing the strategies in these programs, you'll have greater financial freedom and time to spend with clients, friends, family or community

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I understand how 

overwhelming and frustrating it can feel when you're burning the candle at both ends trying to get and keep clients.

Because of good people like you, I dedicated myself to mastering marketing techniques that will help you grow faster, so you are no longer spinning your wheels. I know what it's like to want to get your message out into the world only to feel like no one hears you, and I'm here to help you solve that so that you can finally see your business grow as you've always imagined it would.

Deirdre Martin, Founder, CX Creators

Customer Experience Author, Trainer And Mentor 

Helping your service-based business craft your customer journeys from discovery to retention so your ideal clients will become raving fans of your business

Certified Storybrand Guide

Coaching you to clarify your brand's messaging and helping you make your clients the hero of your story, so you become a beacon to your ideal clients

Business Mentor And Coach

Helping individuals and businesses improve performance, culture and human experiences so they can grow and scale their business sustainably

Many small service-based businesses struggle to attract and retain their ideal clients. Don't be one of them. With marketing and customer experience coaching you’ll develop a plan to clarify and illuminate your message and carefully craft your customer’s journey so you can scale and grow a successful business full of your ideal clients.


Most small business owners want to build a successful business whose reputation precedes them and where the sales and growth look after themselves. To do that, you need to clarify your message, illuminate your marketing and find a way to convert your existing clients into your raving fans.

The problem is getting your ideal clients to stop scrolling and take action when they come across your business and then figuring out how to retain those who do become your clients, all of which can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You should have messaging like a beacon to your ideal clients and a journey that they will want to use megaphones to tell everyone about.

I get it, which is why I studied customer experience back in 2015 and recently became a Storybrand certified guide and have been helping dozens of small service-based businesses captivate their ideal clients.

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√ Communicate more effectively to get and keep your ideal clients

√ Make and save money by using proven marketing and customer experience strategies that produce results so you can do more of what you love, help your customers

√ Grow your business with the support that will put your customers at the left, front and centre of everything you do 

Ignite 🔥

€7/m* - 1 months access

What do I get?

The bite-size Marketing & Customer Experience Program, you need to fire up your magnetism and help you get and keep your ideal clients.

Get weekly tips and tricks to help you connect more with your customers so you can get more clicks, opens and buy nows.

  • Marketing & Customer Experience strategies
  • Weekly videos 
  • Questions to guide and challenge you

  • Community support (new)
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Shine ⭐

€399/m* - 6 months access

What do I get?

Ignite and

A comprehensive program where you get opportunities and support to discuss positioning your offer, clarifying your message, mapping out your customer journey and much more.

Get some accountability, so you grow your business and get results quicker.

  • Marketing & Customer Experience strategy and training
  • 6 months community access
  • Weekly live calls
  • Hotseat opportunities
  • Exclusive supplemental materials for download 

Illuminate 💡

€799/m* - 6 months premium access

What do I get?

Shine and

Level up your business and yourself with this all-in program. You will work on your leadership abilities, finances, product creation, sales, customer experience, marketing and more! Share the workload! Let me help you create a brand script and a one-liner the Storybrand way - meaning one that converts traffic into customers. 

  • Leadership & Business strategy, training and coaching
  • 12 months community access
  • 6 x Monthly 1-2-1's
  • A clear brand strategy playbook
  • Mastermind style weekly group sessions
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*70% price reduction available to those in developing countries

Check out what others had to say 


It made me realise areas of my business from a customer point of view where I was lacking. The bit of accountability is good for me. I no longer stumble if someone asks me for a price reduction. I'm now more confident talking about my service, offer and my package. If you're on the fence, jump off!

-Maura Mackey


”I feel much more confident in myself because of the framework you've provided. There have been so many takeaways. I'm doing things, not just talking about them. I've niched down, and I'm actively creating conversations. I feel really positive for the next 12 months. It's an incredible programme.

-Mary Finn


”Practising the sales pitch was the highlight of the programme for me. I feel so much more confident now. I know exactly what I need to spend my time on. Now that I understand each step of the journey I've created and how my clients and potential clients feel in the process, I don't miss anything. Every single week was amazing. I would recommend it 200%.

-Zita Laszloffy



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Choose the program that will help you reach your growth goals


Clarify your message, craft your customer journey and watch your calendar fill with your ideal clients.



Join the CX Creators Community to grow and scale your business sustainably and achieve the success you deserve.

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